In 2015, I did something completely crazy and wonderful– I flew overseas with a two year old and a ten month old. I have always had the travel bug, and I’d like to share the differences I’ve seen in my travels in pre-kid years and my travels now….

BEFORE KIDS: I leisurely stroll about the airport during my layover, sipping my Starbucks, read a book while waiting at the gate. Trying to decide to buy a souvenir or not.

AFTER KIDS: I am trying to remember when was the last time I changed both their diapers, I am rehearsing every worst case scenario in my head just so I’ll be prepared with a back-up plan in case of ANYTHING, Every 45 seconds I am grabbing something out of my child’s mouth, I am hitting replay over and over again on the iPad so that my toddler can watch “Let It Go”, I am constantly repeating the word NO.

BEFORE KIDS: I say a quick prayer that the plane doesn’t crash.

AFTER KIDS: I pray for a miracle that BOTH babies will sleep, and I pray that I don’t lose anything, and I pray that I don’t have to go pee at any point on the flight, and I pray that the movie Frozen is on the flight, and I pray that Hadassah does not see that they are serving coke and has a tantrum because I won’t let her drink it, and I pray that I don’t get any hateful looks from other passengers, and I pray that the stroller will fold up easily when I am stowing it, and oh yeah that the plane doesn’t crash.

BEFORE KIDS: I bring a carry-on containing my journal, iPad, a book, and my passport.

AFTER KIDS: I bring a diaper bag with enough diapers, wipes, food, and formula to last through the Armageddon. I bring a stroller, another carry-on filled with more diapers and changes of clothes JUST IN CASE, and extra clothes for me in case I get peed or pooped on, and I clutch all our passports in my hand at all times and try not to think about what would happen if I lost them.

BEFORE KIDS: I eat the food on the plane.

AFTER KIDS: Haddie plays with her food and eats mine.

BEFORE KIDS: I take a nice, long nap the day after traveling so that I can catch up on my rest and enjoy the rest of my trip refreshed.

AFTER KIDS: I pray that my kids sleep the day after traveling so that I can sneak away to the bathroom and poop by myself in peace.

BEFORE KIDS: I make lots of memories and take lots of pictures.

AFTER KIDS: I make 10x more memories, and I take pictures of them.

BEFORE KIDS: I write everything down in my journal.

AFTER KIDS: I don’t have time to write down anything, I’m even lucky to finish a sentence when talking to someone without “MOMMYYYYYY!”

BEFORE KIDS: I want to get home, I take a nap on the flight back to make it not seem so ling and dragged out.

AFTER KIDS: I get on the plane thinking the worst is behind me and I can relax, and then Hadassah has diarrhea up to her neck and I have to hand Annelise to the flight attendant and take her to the bathroom and change her, and she starts screaming because the tiny bathroom makes her feel claustrophobic, and then while I change her I throw up because it is so gross, I thank God that I brought enough extra changes of clothes, then I come back and clean up the seat, then Annelise starts eating the magazine the airline provides, then Haddie dumps all her goldfish on the airplane, and I just start laughing at everything, even things that aren’t funny, just to keep from losing my mind…(True story)

I could write a book about my travel experiences. I am definitely not short of material to work with. But am I about to stop traveling just because I’m a mom? No way!!! I have many, many more crazy experiences to live and WAY more memories to make WITH my kids, all over the world!!!!