Sundays can be CRAZY mornings, when the whole family is getting ready for church. Isn’t it funny how we all roll into church with our “blessed” faces on, shaking everyone’s hand and trying to look like a picture perfect family, when we just stepped out of a war zone? It tickles me how fast we can flip our switch off from “frazzled” to “Hi, how are you? Nice to see you.” I know it’s not just me.

It can be tough to beat the Sunday morning chaos that getting the family ready for church can be. I have learned a few simple, yet effective disciplines that I have implemented into our weekends that have made Sunday mornings SO much less stressful, that I would like to share here:

1)     Do as much preparation for Sunday morning as you can on Saturday.

This may include:

  • Laying out everyone’s clothes and shoes
  • Taking a shower and making sure everyone else has showered or taken a bath
  • Making breakfast on Saturday night
  • Packing diaper bags, laying out Bibles
  • Preparing your Sunday School lesson if you are teaching
  • Putting gas in the car
  • Setting a timer on the coffee pot

2)     Waking up earlier. (You never know when you have kids what kind of setbacks you may encounter when trying to get ready.)

3)     Having the same Getting-Ready routine every single Sunday. Making sure your kids know what to expect.

These three things, even though they seem so simple, will save you so much hassle and will transform your Sunday mornings. You will start to enjoy this time with your family before church, and there will be less stress and less fighting. Be blessed this Sunday!

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