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Homemaking When You Work Outside the Home

If you’ve read my introduction on the home page of my blog, you may have noticed that aside from being a wife, mom to three kids, and a blogger, I also am a teacher. I have a bachelor’s degree in education and I work full time as an ESL teacher at an elementary school in East Tennessee.

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The Biblical Roots of Homemaking

This post is the third post in my May 2017 series on homemaking. You can read the previous posts here and here.

So why should Christian women make striving for excellence in their homemaking a priority? How does homemaking tie in to a Biblical worldview? What does the Bible say about homemaking?

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What Is Homemaking?

Thank you for visiting my blog, Start Homemaking! I am so glad that you stopped by, and I hope that you will find articles and resources that will help you to grow as a homemaker, and to accomplish your ongoing goals in homemaking!

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Why Start Homemaking?

Hello friends, I’m back after an abrupt hiatus. I have to confess that I had simply become too busy to blog… or so I thought. 

My kids had gotten sick several times, which included a five-day hospital stay for my 7-month-old son. Every mom knows what a monkey wrench family sickness can throw in your plans!

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Hi, I’m Jordan Rios. Thank you so much for visiting my site! I am a wife, mother of three littles, and an ESL teacher. I make my home in East Tennessee…..learn more

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