Summer time is upon us! While it can be a new adjustment for some of us to have our kids with us all day, it is truly a blessing. Very soon, our kids will be grown, and all the time we had for making childhood memories will be gone. As a teacher, I am overjoyed that summer is here and that I am spending all of my time at home with my three littles. It can be overwhelming, for sure! One of my goals this summer is to plan regular, fun activities for our family, but I only have a tight budget with which to do so. In order to try to solve my own problem, I have compiled this list of ideas that we can easily plan with our kids, to keep us all busy and to make memories spending time together.

1.      Go to the park.
2.      Run in the sprinkler.
3.      Play a board game. 
4.      Bake cookies.
5.      Make a mural with sidewalk chalk.
6.      Blow bubbles.
7.      Put a puzzle together.
8.      Make a bucket list.
9.      Go to the library.
10.   Go camping in your backyard.

11.   Dance to a Zumba video on Youtube.
12.      Go hiking.
13.      Go on a picnic.
14.      Volunteer in your community.
15.      Jump rope.
16.      Have a puppet show.
17.      Write a letter.
18.      Have a hula-hooping contest.
19.      Make lemonade.
20.   Read a book.
21.      Have a movie marathon.
22.      Play dress-up.
23.      Lay on a blanket and look at the stars. 
24.      Make a scrapbook.
25.      Visit the fire station and ask for a tour.
26.      Have a water gun fight.
27.      Build a blanket fort.
28.      Write down family recipes on cards.
29.      Make a gift for someone just because.
30.   Go on a walk.
31.      Start learning a new language.
32.      Play a card game.
33.      Learn to do calligraphy.
34.      Make new friends.
35.      Write in your journal.
36.      Mentor someone.
37.      Build a Lego castle.
38.      Ride bikes.
39.      Start a new tradition.
40.   Draw out your family tree.
41.      Draw a self-portrait.
42.      Catch fireflies.
43.      Memorize a poem or a Bible verse.
44.      Play freeze tag.
45.      Plant flowers.
46.      Learn a song in sign language.
47.      Create a new recipe.
48.      Learn some origami.
49.      Take silly selfies.
50.   Go roller blading.

​What ideas would you add to this list?