In my last post, I wrote about what homemaking is. In this post, I hope to clearly articulate my thoughts about why homemaking is still important in this day and age in which we live. This post is probably going to come across as a lot more bold and controversial than some of my other posts…

I am a part of the generation known as Millennials. My generation has seen the world change at warp speed before our very eyes. New technological advances have changed the way the world does things. New ideas have challenged old philosophies. We are a generation that has seen tremendous upheaval, and we have proudly become the face of new movements: the worldwide movement to end human trafficking, the new trend of crowdfunding, and the fight for equality, to name a few.

Our generation has witnessed—and been apart of—huge cultural wars involving family, gender, and race. In the midst of the enormous issues at stake, what role does homemaking play?

In our fiercely individualist culture, placing a priority on homemaking is a radical act. It can feel as if it would be more convenient and worthwhile to pursue other interests. But the quality of your homemaking shapes the quality of your family’s life. It lays the groundwork for your family’s future.

For example, it can take extra time and work to plan meals. But consider the benefits that you will reap over time by implementing this practice. You will save money on your grocery bill and by not having to eat out, and your family will be healthier from having eaten home cooked meals. It takes time, work, and consistency to teach and train your children how to be respectful and obedient, but that habit will save you, your spouse, and your children tons of heartache later on. What we do in our homes matters! We are sowing seeds that we will reap later on, for good or for bad.

With all of the useless information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, and all of the secular influences competing for our attention, we will be wise if we would turn our hearts back towards our homes and our families. For over half a century, the institution of family has been under attack from without and in a state of decay from within. Because the family is the most basic building block of a free society, it is an understatement that we all as believers in Christ have a lot of work to do, and that it begins with turning our focus off of what the world tells us is important, and back to what God says is of first importance.

In my Start Homemaking blog, I hope to encourage you and equip you to grow spiritually and practically as a homemaker. It is a lot of work just to begin undoing our secular worldview surrounding homemaking and the family, and start replacing it with a Biblical worldview. Because in the end, it won’t matter if we always had a Pinterest-worthy home and a picture-perfect family, if we ate only organic and lived completely debt free, if our hearts are not in it for God. We must start with the position of our hearts before our creator. And then, we must renew our minds in the truth of the Bible.

I would like to call you to action. Read the following questions, and think about your answers.

1.)          What do you believe the Bible teaches about the family?

2.)          How important do you believe is your role as a homemaker? (Even if you also work outside the home.)

3.)          What are your priorities in your life?

4.)          What do you want to be most remembered by? What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

5.)          What daily actions can you take to ensure that you leave that kind of legacy?

6.)          When you have to answer to God one day for how well you stewarded your family, what will you say? Are you ready for that day if it were to happen soon?

I realize that this is some weighty stuff that I have written about, and that really isn’t typical for what I normally post. But I want to be very clear about why we do what we do as homemakers. When we keep our focus on the most important thing, everything else will fall into place. The other thing that I would like to challenge you to do right now, is to pray, and to ask God what he wants you to teach you about your identity in him, and about where he wants to take you spiritually as a homemaker. I would love it if you would share what God speaks to you in the comments of this blog post.

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